Wind power

Is shipping the fast track to the transformation of the transport industry?

For more than 5,000 years, transport by sea was completely fossil-free. And after what may be an interlude of around 200 years, it may be shipping that leads us in the transition back to fossil-free transport. That’s what ├ůsa Burman at the maritime research and innovation institute Lighthouse believes. 90% of the world’s goods are transported at some point on one of the world’s approx. 75,000 merchant ships. Already today, sea freight is one of…

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Wind Turbine

SeaTwirl in collaboration with the University of Tokyo

SeaTwirl announced last week that the company has started a collaboration with the University of Tokyo where a research group led by Associate Professor Shinichiro Hirabayashi at the Department of Ocean Technology, Policy and Environment is investigating how SeaTwirl’s technology can be adapted to Japanese conditions. Japan’s energy mix today is dominated by fossil fuels and with densely populated islands, the country is turning to the sea and floating wind to help meet the renewable…

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