Electric charging

400,000 charging points in Europe

Volkswagen AG with its charging and energy company Elli has reached the next milestone: With 400,000 charging points, Elli now operates Europe’s largest charging network with over 800 suppliers in 27 countries. Milestone of 400,000 charging points reached – charging in 27 countries 25,000 charging stations from Vattenfall and Fastned in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and France, among others “With our Elli brand, we offer the largest ecosystem for drivers of electric cars in Europe…

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Wind power

What is the advantage of wind power and electric cars if you look at the environmental aspect?

Wind power and electric cars both have several environmental advantages over traditional fossil fuel-based sources of energy and transportation. One of the biggest advantages is that they produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which are a major contributor to climate change. In addition, wind power and electric cars do not produce air or noise pollution, which can have negative health effects for people and wildlife. Additionally, wind power is a renewable source of energy, meaning…

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